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Get Started

To start using GraphQL Modules


Install GraphQL and GraphQL Modules using Yarn:

yarn add graphql graphql-modules

Or Npm:

npm install --save graphql graphql-modules


GraphQL Modules are built out of Module and Application. Module defines a piece of GraphQL API and builds Application.


To create a Module, use createModule:

import { createModule } from 'graphql-modules';
export const myModule = createModule({
id: 'my-module',
dirname: __dirname,
typeDefs: [],
resolvers: {},

Each module contains GraphQL Type definitions, unique id and optionally resolvers. That's not everything it can do, Module accepts also Providers (Dependency Injection) and Middlewares.

The id helps to match errors and exceptions with a module. Providing dirname (with global variable __dirname) helps to correlate exceptions with an actual file path of a module.


As mentioned before, Modules create Application, so let's create one:

import { createApplication } from 'graphql-modules';
import { myModule } from './my-module';
const application = createApplication({
modules: [myModule],

Application is only capable of using Providers and Middlewares. It can't define GraphQL Schema on its own.


In order to use Queries and Mutations GraphQL Modules have to control the execution phase, in case of Subscriptions it's subscription phase. Application exposes createExecution and createSubscription methods.

import { createApplication } from 'graphql-modules';
const application = createApplication({
/* ... */
const execute = application.createExecution();
const subscribe = application.createSubscription();

It's crutial to help GraphQL Modules understand the life cycle of GraphQL Operations.


You have understood the basics behind separating the schema. Let's create your first module.

import { createModule, gql } from 'graphql-modules';
export const myFirstModule = createModule({
id: 'my-first-module',
dirname: __dirname,
typeDefs: gql`
type Query {
myData: Data
type Data {
field: String
import { createApplication } from 'graphql-modules';
import { myFirstModule } from './modules/my-first-module';
export const application = createApplication({
modules: [myFirstModule],

Everything is ready to use in a GraphQL server.

import { ApolloServer } from 'apollo-server';
import { application } from './application';
const schema = application.createSchemaForApollo();
const server = new ApolloServer({
server.listen().then(({ url }) => {
console.log(`🚀 Server ready at ${url}`);

To test your server, run ts-node index.ts and try to open http://localhost:4000/. You should see GraphiQL.